System Requirement

  1. WordPress version 4.8+
  2. WooCommerce version 3+
  3. Plugin will only work with variable products

How to install

Install it like standard WordPress plugin is installed.

  1. Go to WordPress admin.
  2. Plugins -> Add New
  3. Upload plugin & then Install and activate


  1. Go to SMM Panel -> Settings menu
  2. Insert envato username
  3. Insert envato purchase_code. You can get purchase_code on your invoice

After registration successful.

  1. Select API Type
  2. Add API URL
  3. Link Label text
  4. Custom Data Label text
  5. Add Anonymizer Service, leave blank if you are not going to use any
  6. Select how many order should process in bulk with each CRON

You can enable or disable CRON job by click on appropriate button.

After settings saved.

  1. Go to WordPress Settings Menu -> Permalink
  2. Without Changing anything just Click Save

Mapping Panel Package IDs

Mapping of your store product Id (variable products) to your SMM Panel package or service IDs.

  1. Go to SMM Panel -> Mapping
  2. All the products will be fetched, add appropriate package ID ahead of product id.
  3. For example, if your store have product Facebook 1K likes and on smm panel there is a package Facebook 1K Likes, add package_id of Facebook 1k likes from your panel.
  4. If you want to exclude any product from plugin handling, just put 0 ahead of that product. Very handy sometime if you need to handle specific products manually.

Add Variation Field value

While creating a variation in product you will see a new field. Add quantity in digits equivalent to variation quantity. For example if you have a variation for 500 Instagram followers add 500 in quantity in digits field.

Plugin will add a link field in product detail page where customers have to add link, username etc.

Send Orders & Get Status

Orders will automatically be sent to your panel. You can also send orders manually:

  1. Go to SMM Panel -> Orders
  2. All the pending orders will have button "Send"
  3. Order status and API Order ID will be updated
  4. Log for the API call can be shown in logs Menu.

Send Order Status Email

  1. Go to SMM Panel -> Orders
  2. All the orders in which status is not pending, will have button "Email" to send email to customers.
  3. System will automatically get standard WooCommerce email template and send details of order
  4. Email Sample:

Edit Order

  1. Go to SMM Panel -> Orders
  2. Hover over to ID column, there will be a link shown "edit"
  3. Click on Edit and a new screen will fetch order detail
  4. Edit order and save changes

Delete order

  1. Go to SMM Panel -> Orders
  2. Hover over to ID column, there will be a link shown "delete"
  3. Click on link, order will be deleted.
  4. Note: Order of SMM panel will be deleted, nothing will be changed on WooCommerce Order

Customer My Account Menu

In customer's My Account Menu there will be a new tab namely "Orders SMM" which will show all orders by products.

API Response Logs

Every call to API will save a response logs to monitor for success and error responses.