SMM Panel WordPress Plugin

Sell SMM Services using WooCommerce store,
all the automation of sending orders to smm panel is handled
by this extension out of the box, $48 only.

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Automation using WP_CRON

WordPress SMM plugin automatically sends orders to Your SMM panel. Status of the order will automatically be fetched and updated on your store.

Customer Can See Orders In WooCommerce My Account Page

Customers can also see orders by each product in WooCommerce my account section.

Send Order Status Email

You can send emails regarding updated status of order to your customers.

Monitor API Response Logs

Sell All logs of the cron jobs/manual order sent in WordPress Admin panel and monitor for any issue or error.

Manage orders

Manage all orders, modify if there are typos, delete if you see mistakenly placed order, search, filter and more.

Selectable Products to process

Configure which products should be excluded from order place. Easy to handle specific products exclusion.

Opens Door To More Payment Methods

Do not depend on a few standard payment methods, use all available woocommerce payment gateway optiosn to boost sales.

Compatible With All WooCommerce Themes

Build beautiful stores to sell your SMM Services. All standard WooCommerce themes are compatible.

Build a Network of selling SMM Services

Launch several WooCommerce store(s) and SMM panels. Control all on single panel.

Customer Reviews


I've been a member for CodeCanyon for so many years. I have NEVER felt so amazing and cared for by the developer.

Customer Support

The support is perfect, he can spend all day with you to help you, truly a wonderful service. Thank you

Customer Support

Great customers support. They helped me to make this plugin fit my special needs. features are conforms with product description. I recommend.


WordPress SMM Panel Plugin's pricing is straightforward,
no hidden extra charges, One time fees, affordable for


User Guide

Extensive user guide with a lot of details so you can
easily configure system. 24/7 Free Support.



See a demo of all features before purchasing,
almost fully functional except a few features
are disabled for security reasons.