SMM Reseller Panel Script

Indusrabbit SMM Reseller Panel Script automates most of your tasks, from placing order to delivery. With just a few straightforward process that satisfied your customers.

Mass Orders

Customer can place bulk orders quickly. Very handy feature for placing lots of orders at once.

Automatic Place Orders On Other SMM Resller Panels

Most prominent feature for placing orders on other Reseller Panels, add as many different API's as you want, One click order place. Api response logs for order status.

SMM Reseller API

API for your customers that can place orders with their system. Very handy for Resllers.

Payment Integrations

PayPal,Stripe and BitCoin by default Integrations. Further payment services can be integrated upon requests with a little extra charge.

Custom Themes

Indusrabbit SMM Panel was built in mind that every person have a different test of color and theme, so the script was designed in a way you can select different colors out of the box.

Dynamic Servcies

Create SMM Services that you are offering to your customers, add new services in future without any restrictions.

Dynamic Packages

Create as many as possible SMM packages in Services that you are offering.

Multi Language Support

Indusrabbit SMM Panel script have wide variety of languages support English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese and more. Can be added any language on demand.

Support & Ticket Management system

Built in support and ticket system. In which customers can inquire their orders through messaging system between you and them.

Funds Load History

Admin can see All user funds load history and user can see his or her own funds load history.

SEO Friendly

Editable meta tags for homepage and other pages like contact-us, faqs, privacy policy etc.

System wide status updates for all users.

Update users about service and server status, new updates in system etc.

Special reseller Users

Give special prices to your most valued customers, who are placing orders from their panels.

Order & User Management

Admin can manage orders and users, cancel orders, complete orders, send orders to resller API, create new users, update user record and more.


Test Drive! Explore panel before purchase, we are sure you will love it.


Indusrabbit SMM Panel Script's pricing is straightforward, no hidden extra charges, One time fees, affordable for marketers and freelancers.

User Guide

Extensive user guide with a lot of details so you can easily configure system. 24/7 Free Support.